We partner with our friends at ADC in several projects in the USA, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala as their technology arm leading the Web Design, Web Development and Hosting efforts.

Country: USA
Industry: Design (Print & Web)
Client since: 2008


We support Telemundo with a team of Editors fully devoted to Entertainment’s digital exclusives. We produce content in Spanish for MVTO, El Pulso and Suelta La Sopa properties.

Country: USA
Industry: Entertainment, TV and Digital Media
Client since: 2017

Diario El País

We provide Web Design and Web Development services to GRUPO PRISA’s Diario El País and Diario As in support to their operation in Mexico City for Latin America. Our fully dedicated team partners with El País’ newsroom in creating engaging interactive Content.

Country: Spain, Mexico
Industry: Print and Digital Media
Client since: 2016

Zumby News

Early in 2016 we started collaborating with Zumby News, a fresh startup devoted to informing the US Hispanic audience and with a great vision to reach Latin America and Spain. Our team of full-time Web Editors produces viral content targeted to influencers who then share to their respective audiences with great engagement results.

Country: USA
Industry: Digital Media
Client since: 2016


We have partnered with Natura in various projects in support to different internal areas, mainly with fully dedicated Web Designers and our team of Web Developers on a per project basis.

Country: Mexico
Industry: Beauty and Health
Client since: 2012


8 years collaborating to the success of Impremedia’s digital properties: La Opinion (LA), El Diario (NY), generating content for News, Entertainment, Women, Lifestyle and Sports with fully dedicated resources in the Business Process Outsourcing model.

Country: USA
Industry: Digital and Print Media
Client since: 2009

AOL / Huffington Post

For more than 10 years LatinWeb was a fundamental piece of the daily operation of AOL Latino / HuffPost Voces. Our fully dedicated team of Editors produced content for each and every vertical. At the earliest stages, we also provided Web Design, Web Development and Product Localization services in support to all Spanish-language product initiatives.

Country: USA
Industry: Digital Media
Start date: 2005
End date: Jan. 15th, 2016 when AOL/HuffPost decided to shut down HuffPost Voces, putting an end to an amazing experience of more than a decade.